No matter what your age or skill level, now’s the perfect time to get involved in Reston’s
recreational basketball community.

NBA Teams within Driving Distance of Reston

Sitting in a basketball stadium and watching your favorite team play in person is every NBA fan’s fantasy. For those who are living in Reston, Virginia with dreams of seeing the NBA close-up, there are lots of options just a short drive away. Brought to you by Cheap Movers DC, here are five NBA teams you can make a day trip to go see: 1. Washington Wizards Located in the heart of Washington D.C., the Washington Wizards play at the

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7 Exercises to Improve Your Basketball Skills

Whether you’re a college athlete or a weekend warrior, strengthening the muscles you use for basketball can boost your performance as well as help prevent game-related injuries. For tips on how to workout when you’re not on the court, here are seven exercises to help improve your basketball skills. 1. Squat Jumps Basketball requires a player to stay low and move forward, backward, and laterally while shooting and rebounding. To help improve this technique, try using squat jumps in your

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5 Reasons to Sign Your Kids Up for a Basketball League

Joining a sports team can have many physical and psychological benefits for kids, including daily exercise, working for a common purpose, and learning discipline. While your child could join numerous sports, playing for a basketball league has plenty of perks that other activities may not. With that in mind, here are five reasons why you should sign your kids up for a basketball team today. 1. Cardiorespiratory Endurance When children are conditioned to play basketball, they can run without feeling

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